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Areas of law in which our MULTILINGUAL ATTORNEYS are experienced and prepared to provide service to you are:


Our services include representation at immigration interviews and immigration court hearings. We  have appeared at many immigration hearings and interviews in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Illinois  jurisdictions.    

bulletGreen Cards, whether obtained through employment,  spouse, fiancée, or other relative petition, or asylum. Arlene Boas has extensive experience with labor certification, having obtained residence for hundreds of aliens in a myriad of occupations and professions with an extremely high success rate.  We also do many religious worker and immigrant investor green card cases.
bulletTemporary Work Visas  We have obtained many E-1, E-2, L, H-1, H-2, H-3, R visas for workers and their families.
bulletVisa Extensions and Change of Status   
bulletInternational Adoptions.  The U.S. is now a signatory to the Hague Convention on International Adoptions, which greatly impacts procedures to adopt from Convention countries.  Contact us for a consultation before taking any steps in this complex area.
bulletAppeals and motions to reopen cases, with a high success rate. Let Arlene Boas evaluate your case, with no obligation!
bulletCitizenship and Naturalization:  We prepare and file your application, advise you on the law and whether you qualify to take the history and government exam in a language other than English, provide you with the actual questions and answers to study for the citizenship examination and, if desired, we can accompany you to your naturalization hearing.
bulletTemporary Protected Status "TPS"  for both new, renewal, and late-filed applications. 
bulletDACA, President Obama's program for those who came or were brought to the U.S. before their 16th birthday, sometimes referred to as "Dreamers", available even to those who have pending deportation or removal cases or outstanding deportation orders, if they entered the U.S. before June 15, 2007 (before January 1, 2010 under enhanced DACA, as proposed) . DACA can provide employment authorization and relief from deportation in increments of two to three years.
bulletWaivers: All types of waivers, including for grounds of inadmissibility and deportation, whether due to criminal history, fraud, prior immigration matters, unlawful presence ("the ten-year bar"), and others.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































we also provide services in a diverse range of areas especially useful to those in the international community, including:

bulletLast Will and Testament Preparation
bulletArranging affairs of persons abroad and those contemplating short trips or permanent relocation, with U.S. property and assets.  We can maintain, manage or sell property or prepare documentation for management and sale by others in the event of unexpected emergencies.
bulletHandling Estates of Deceased Persons
bulletStep-Parent Adoptions
bulletName Changes
bulletPrenuptial Agreements
bulletUncontested Divorces, absent spouse and abandonment divorces, including service of process in foreign countries
bulletPowers of attorney, including those which only take effect upon absence or disability
bulletIdentity theft cases
bulletPurchase, Sale, Refinance and Inter-Family Transfer of Homes
bulletRecovery of Customs - Seized Money and Valuables

With over 25 years' extensive experience, Arlene L. Boas provides clients with individualized care, accuracy and dedication. To provide clients with the most effective legal representation possible, at affordable rates, is our goal.

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